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Rise of Zek

Our goal is to make create an immersive PvP experience. Starting with Classic EverQuest and progressing through Gates of Discord. With only minor gear and balance changes along the way.


​Kunark* Era EverQuest for Mac and PC

Certain maps, no instances, no spawning with gear and immersive models. The original experience.

​The Titanium Game Client
We use an era appropriate client, with only some things that shouldn't be there.  Using the correct spell effects, spell icons and character models. 

Accurate Mechanics*
PVP Mechanics were manicured for the proper era.
Water dancing? We got that.

Two Box Limit
The divine freedom of being able to heal thyself.

Non-Rotated Content
+- 1 hour variance and global shouts on spawn.
​Bring a poop-sock.


I tried to RMT but got caught in a sting. The GMs handled my case fairly and my manastones were handed out in PVP events!


I wasn't banned yet for no reason, and melee is balanced! 10/10


None of us really wanted to contest the largest guild, but we tried under protest. I'm glad we did!

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