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High shammn grisok - entranzed - 01-31-2020

Hi so high shammy grisok high shammy phido shaman lenrel and shaman renrex and an escaped splitpaw gnoll are supposed to be on a cycle of their own and after i cleared the zone no more spawn could you guys figure out why thanks !

RE: High shammn grisok - Jeremy - 02-07-2020

The spawn table containing these mobs also contains several others. This table of mobs can spawn at 3 different spawn points.

Other mobs on the table include a mist wolf, aviak harrier, an elephant, and more rarely a cyclops or an undead cyclops.

If you have evidence supporting this functioning differently, please share it.

RE: High shammn grisok - entranzed - 02-07-2020

Those are not part of the cycle this link shows how the spawns are supposed to be https://wiki.project1999.com/High_Shaman_Grisok