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NPCS that See through Rogue - Sneak/Hide that shouldnt
Gargoyles in Lower Guk - have a chance to spawn a Gargoyle that see's through Rogue Sneak/hide - This isnt correct Both the Basalt and the Clay - Listed here
https://wiki.project1999.com/A_clay_gargoyle are warriors and shouldnt be able to see through Rogue Sneak/Hide

Random - a Greater Kobald Shaman's in SolB will see through Rogue/Sneak Hide-
Listed here these mobs should not see through Rogue/Sneak Hide --https://wiki.project1999.com/A_greater_kobold_shaman
Will edit this thread as more come along.
I think on red99 they made it so sneak/hide wasn’t an “invisible from all” ability
These should never see hide. They have a chance to See Invis - maybe this is working against hide as well?
both basalt and clay gargoyles are not set to see through hide. need further verification.

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