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Level 1 training in SolB
Hello. Just a suggestion on level restrictions since the server was apparently not designed to become TrainQuest. Today from what I heard (I will keep this neutral so as not to attack people, just the issue) Guild 1 shows up to contest Tranix. Guild 2 refuses to actually contest the mob, loads in waves of level 1 clerics parked deep in the zone and / or from Sol A to just divine aura train the zone non stop, rather than pvp for it.

I suggest level restrictions on this zone, say no one below level 30 can enter SolB, the Hole, Kedge, wherever else. Train on a real character if that's your last resort, risk getting YT'd and corpsed. Not on a throwaway level 1, or worse yet, on 20 throwaway level 1.

(Oh and congrats to Guild 1 for managing to find a way to kill the mob despite this pretty cheap tactic from an opponent who will do anything at all to avoid getting YT'd).
Ok so this habit of chain training level 1s continues, rather than actual pvp, just drawing it to GM attention as they strongly discourage training or so I read somewhere.

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