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Penalty for PvP Death
Right now, aside from coin + 1 inventory item loot, there is no penalty for dying. The go-to strategy for many players is to bind a caster a spot at which they expect PvP and then bind rush.

As we inch closer to content that will bring most of the active population into and around the same zones and natural population decay sets in, the severity of this issue grows. I would like to see others' thoughts and ideas.

Possible solutions:
  • Respawn at 0 mana on PvP death
    This greatly reduces bind rush efficacy without forcing a player out of the game. It still requires some effort on those getting bind rushed, but the winner has a much greater advantage than before.
  • Zone lockout
    Preventing the player from zoning in for a set period of time works, but how do we handle a player dying at their bind? Should this only apply to raid zones in which one cannot bind? I don't think so. The scope of this problem encompasses non-raid content.
  • Shadowrest
    Sending a player to a jail-like zone is easily the most effective way to combat this problem. Newer players or die-hard Classic fanboys, logical or not, will likely balk at this.
  • Experience loss
    This is probably the best psychological deterrent, but this opens up great opportunity for frustration. While I enjoy consequences like this, I think this will cause a larger problem for the server than not having a penalty.
I like how devnoob handled it with the lockout timers and corpse summoners. Gave the victors a chance to do content unmolested after wiping enemy force. Also prevented griefing and corpse camping. 

The problem with lockout timers is you can still fight in adjacent zones and fights often spill over into adjacent zones. Also having your lockout timers split up between multiple guildies is a real hassle for organising a force. 

Shadowrest I feel will just end in a cycle of grief. If my character Is locked out of the game for 30 minutes I better not have to go back naked to get another 30 minute lockout while trying to loot my corpse. 

I suggest a hybrid of the two systems.

If I die in a pvp oriented YT death.. I get sent to shadow rest for X minutes. For sake of argument let's make it five mins. My corpse is set to normal pvp lootable for five minutes and then decays. So player A kills player B and has five minutes to loot one item plus coin before it decays.  Meanwhile player B has to take five minutes off in shadowrest. At the end of the five minutes or whatever timer is deemed balanced, he can loot his corpse in shadowrest and gate to his bind ONLY directly from shadowrest through an npc. When he comes back into his bind from shadowrest with his full gear, he will still spawn with zero mana. Furthermore the player will still have a lockout timer of 30 minutes to the zone he died in starting from the time he left shadow rest. All starting cities will be exempt from lockout timers, and casters will be forced to follow the same bind rules melees do. This will solve the issue of lockout timer and bind camping... although an exception may have to be made to remove gypsy camp binding.

The idea Is shadowrest replaces a corpse run with a guaranteed lockout from the game for a small amount of time, while providing a longer lockout from the zone he was killed in while simultaneously helping to eliminate griefing that occurs when on CR.
Very bad idea to add more penalty for pvp death. People already duck away from and avoid pvp combat as much as possible (unless of course they have overwhelming advantage).

The humiliation of losing a pvp fight is penalty enough. Every time you die in pvp you get slut shamed. Wonder why more pvp doesn't happen?
The fragile egos who avoid PvP will continue to do so, penalty or not. The people who bind rush will be deterred from bind rushing. That is the goal.
I’d avoid 0 mana respawn , maybe make it 10-20%. Thought being that yes, you should have a smart bind, but if your bind is found and you have 0 mana you have no chance of getting away. Give a reasonable amount to let them mem a gate or port and have a “chance” at running away, gating, running opposite direction to a zone line to camp or some how juke enemy from bind camping.

I do like that Jeremy added lockouts, but I don’t understand the second penalty of shadowrest if you prematurely attempt to enter the lockout zone.
I think this is a pretty reasonable suggestion. 20% mana.

With the current loot tables I don't think this is going to be a major issue, but we know from 1.0 that it will become a factor.

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