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Attack Bug
I think I have some hlepful information on the infamous "attack bug," where the player can no longer attack their target.
This can typically be corrected via reloading UI, or re-targeting the enemy. However, for me, the issue reoccurred almost instantly (after 1 round). After some thinking, I realizedĀ I have some commands bound to my forward Key, which I determined was triggering this issue. Last time I was in Pvp, I had added a command "/target <SomePlayer>" to this hotkey. So it seems the issue might be trigger by trying to target a player whom is not in the zone. This does not throw any error nor untarget the current opponent, just attacks will begin to fail.
Tldr/steps to reproduce:
- Attacking works
- Use the command: /target nonsensecharacter
- Attacking will now fail until retarget/reload.
I find this is usually a result of a bad button or binding in someone's client. Is it really a server issue?

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