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Bazaar price change / overcharge
I've had it happen to me once as the buyer and I just had it happen to someone with me as the seller... Sorry if this is already posted, couldn't find it...
1. I set goblin skull earring for sale at a price of 2750pp
2. I clicked to begin trading
3. After several hours, I clicked on goblin skull earring and changed price to 2000pp (i did *not* start/stop trader)
4. Person came up and bought earring, they had more than 2750pp in their inventory, they were charged the 2750 price although their UI showed the 2000pp price

My experience as buyer....
I was buying 3x spell scroll (i forget what spell, was a turn-in quest spell) so I had 1500pp in my inventory, the seller had the spell listed at 500pp in the UI.  I bought 1 copy and was charged 750pp.

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