A Classic Everquest PVP Universe
A Classic Everquest PVP Universe

Rise of Zek is an open-world PVP sandbox set in the lands of Everquest.

First launched in June of 2018, our world began in vanilla Everquest and has now progressed through The Ruins of Kunark and The Scars of Velious into The Shadows of Luclin.

Here at Rise of Zek we embrace emergent gameplay in a carefully sculpted classic world with the added thrill of being able to choose to ally with or fight against your fellow players. We believe that fighting against another player's skill and intuition is the most challenging and the most rewarding experience in Everquest.

Rise of Zek is crafted to encourage PVP while offering numerous quality of life features. In the spirit of a true sandbox MMO, our staff adhere to a strict hands-off policy regarding gameplay. The only behavior prohibited on Rise of Zek is the use of hacks and third-party software - everything else is fair game. For more information about the specifics of our world, please visit our About page.

Please join our Discord to converse with players and staff in real time. In Discord you can ask questions, follow the PVP action, or seek technical support.

We very much hope that you enjoy Rise of Zek!