About Rise of Zek

About Rise of Zek

Rise of Zek is a 95% classic PVP sandbox universe with several small changes that aim to encourage PVP while also balancing it slightly.

  • transfer_within_a_station+/- 4-Level PVP Range with Free-For-All Flagging

    PVP is completely immoral from a roleplay perspective, however, if you must PVP, you will be limited to attacking players within four levels of your own level.

    Any player who casts a beneficial spell on another player who is more than four levels above their level will be flagged Free-For-All (FFA) for five minutes. While flagged FFA, a player of any level is able to attack this player.

    Some competitive zones are set permanently FFA and allow any player to be attacked no matter the level. When loading in a FFA zone, players will receive a message informing them of the danger.

  • redeemItem Loot - 1 Bagged Item on PVP Death

    After a player dies to PVP combat, for a short time, other players are able to loot a single item from their corpse. Worn items, no-trade items, and bags can not be looted. Stacks of items are looted in their entirety.

    As the Titanium Client is limited to 31 slots in the loot window, Rise of Zek employs a custom PVP loot filtering system that filters out low-value items when people attempt to hide their valuable treasures behind stacks of rations.

    Players on Rise of Zek should choose very carefully what they wish to carry with them on their adventures.

  • vpn_lockRobust Anti-Cheat

    The prohibition of cheating by any means is our only rule. Do not cheat by using 3rd-party hacks, bots, macros, exploiting broken content, or by violating the box limit.

    Our methods of detection are extremely strong and are always evolving. You risk your accounts if you cheat.

  • checkAll the Classic Content you know and love

    Standing on the shoulders of a lot of great work done in other worlds, Rise of Zek prides itself on the classicness of its PVE world. Here you will find fully challenging encounters that will test the mettle of you and your pals.

  • group_work2-Box Limit

    Players may pilot up to two play characters simultaneously. IP Exemptions are handed out for two or more people in one household.

  • buildSlightly Modified PVP Mechanics for Balance

    Rise of Zek tunes core elements of PVP ever so delicately in each era for balance and to encourage variety. Damage and mitigation from melee and spells are given careful attention to promote the most enjoyable PVP-oriented experience possible throughout the progression of the Rise of Zek Universe.

  • trainAnti-Training Mechanics

    Rise of Zek uses a custom zone-based system that makes it more difficult for other players to train you. In some situations where a player is obviously training you, the mobs will not aggro you or assist their pals. It is still possible to be trained, however. This system is tuned per era.

  • child_careAnti-Cheese Mechanics

    Rise of Zek employs several customizations to encourage PVP and stop people from cheesing mechanics:

    • Screen Dragging Disabled
    • No Instant Escapes
    • Cooldown on accepting Resurrections after PVP damage
    • Cooldown on Call of the Hero landing after PVP damage
    • Cooldown on Gravity Flux effects landing multiple times
  • featured_play_listTournament Match System for GM-Sanctioned PVP Competition

    From time to time server staff will host Tournament Events of varying rulesets and team sizes under a source-enforced fair play system. The system is setup to allow spectators while not allowing them to interfere with the PVP matches happening.