Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them.
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No third party hacking programs
- Our anti-cheat is robust and constantly evolving. Check our #banned_suspended channel in Discord.
- WinEQ2 and various parse-type programs (Gamparse, GamTextTriggers, Gina) are the only helpers allowed.

Don't exploit broken core functionality
- Tactics such as screendragging, grossly exploiting pathing, and exploiting broken locations in the world are not allowed.

Please report broken content and mechanics
- The greater the impact the more serious we are about this.

Players are limited to three total play boxes per real person.
- Our detection is strong when we're looking - violate this rule at your own peril.

Other Notes:
- We reserve the right to reverse/modify out-of-era gains
- Don't be a bigot or threaten people outside of elf simulator
- We will not intervene except when there is a server issue or these rules are violated. Please note that we do not get involved with people training, griefing, deleveling players, etc.

Updated 2/24/2019