Veeshan's Peak - Trash Faction

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Veeshan's Peak - Trash Faction

Post by Stoc » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:03 pm

The faction values on VP trash mobs are too low / missing.

The Elven Dancers aren't giving any faction at all. Here is a post from pre-Revamp referencing the faction they give: ... 0154234071

A Rancar and guardian wurms are only giving +5 faction, which anecdotally are lower than they should be. Apparently killing these for an hour or two could "fix" VS faction on r99. I'm still searching for a concrete reference, but an elven dancer fix in the meantime would be nice.

Edit: Refernce to the hits on trash in general:
Did a run through killing trash, and gained 50 VS faction per kill - did not do any of the names and was already max with bards, Mistmoor and scowls to Ring of Scale ... action=156
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