Updated files 6/18/2019

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Updated files 6/18/2019

Post by skeeter » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:22 pm

Download the patch here- https://tinyurl.com/yx9qghu7

/deletepetition command is now functioning - Please use the ingame petition system going forward.

Abilities should show proper max levels for the expansion.
Purify Body now functioning properly.

PVP damage that is client-on-client (no damage to or from pets) is capped at a maximum of 66% of the target's max HP globally.
Mind Wrack and other such ManaTap spells should only provide the recourse if the spell target has mana.
Occlusion of Sound vs Circle of Seasons stacking corrected.
Bard minimum fizzle rate lowered from 5% to 2% to match other casters.
Pets should shrink better.
Remainder of spell icon issues fixed.

Players can now create a guild via visiting the guild registrar in east commonlands.
Corrupted Hammer of Consternation quest added as an alternative to its counterpart.
For a month, the Long Sword of Ethereal Energy will be obtainable through its quest until it is changed to the Scimitar.
Removed alot of immune to ranged damage flags off mobs in velks and ssra.